Behind the Cards

Collectible trading cards have been around for decades with great commercial success, including secondary sales sometimes reaching into the millions. 


At Bru Cards, we wanted to bring that element of successful trading cards to a new audience: craft beer lovers. 


And while we're doing it, we want to improve upon and remedy the types of cards already out there. Let's explore that further!


A common complaint among card collectors is the difficulty of identifying just what card you have. Checklists are often provided by third party organizations, the cards themselves do not clearly denote their rarity or uniqueness, and often times there can be so many parallels and variations of a card, there is no easy way to figure out what you're holding onto. Not to mention the seemingly endless amount of new sets released each year with little discernable difference from the products already out there.


With sports cards, there's another element that does a  major disservice to collectors: the distribution model. Many products are available exclusively to select partners and trying to figure out how to become one of those can be next to impossible. High value retail products, too, are often times sold to "breakers" with back door deals, further limiting the ability for collectors to even get their hands on the nicer products. Even worse, some companies appear to be receiving "hot" boxes with all the most valuable cards going to only the largest breakers, meaning the odds of pulling a hit card are practically non-existent.


And because the money is flowing for these card manufacturers, the complaints and wishes of the average collector go unaddressed or downright ignored. With licensing deals already established, no competitors are able to enter the market and design a trading card that people will care about. 


In short, the trading cards out there are not meeting the needs of trading card collectors.


But with Bru Cards, we're creating a new market for ourselves so we can put collectors first. We're designing cards that clearly specify what they are. We're providing checklists so collectors can stay organized and clear on what they have, and we're listening to community feedback. Are collectors feeling like there are too many parallels? Great - we'll retire some designs to introduce new ones. Designs too similar year to year? No problem - we'll put in the work to make each new set unique while still being identifiable. You will have opinions on these cards, and we will do our best to listen and maintain an enjoyable product. And no more shady, backdoor deals to get the cards. Packs will be available through our website, and partner breweries featured in the sets will receive their own "Brewery Exclusive" sets to sell directly to consumers. 


Collect responsibly!